Observational report…

Working with an artist for a commission is not a hierarchical business contract. Rather the client and artist are working together to create a new concept. The client is hiring the artist for their expertise, their experience, their knowledge, and not just as a tool to execute their fundamentally flawed ideas.


My computer is honestly on it’s very last leg and i’m not sure how much longer it’ll be kicking, so i’d like to start saving up for an affordable replacement. Commissions also help me pay for medications, groceries, and bills!

Prices per character, please contact me at rainelucht@gmail.com

As always reblogs are greatly appreciated, thank you!!

Browsing through these Archives, my first reaction would be Lawful Evil. But, seeing your replies to users and browsers of the Archives makes me settle on Chaotic Good.

Initializing response…

Particularly observant. Interesting.

I want to say you're true neutral most of the time, and a given mood can result in an alignment swap. So some days you're chaotic good, other days you're lawful evil.

Initializing response…

Perceived alignment changes may be influenced from outside circumstances that dictate from an observer’s point of view what we are has changed, yet we remain unbending in our cause despite changing surroundings. Interesting topic viewer.

I'll be nice for once and say chaotic evil

Initializing response…

General notice to all existing and future followers of these archives it is strongly advised to disregard this suspicious creature and their false acclamations.

Disclaimer: We have not worked with them for many years and in no way are they aware of inner machinations.

We do not know what they are talking about. Initializing sarcastic innocent laughter…

Ha. Ha. Ha.

you're neutral good, I think--very impartial and reserved, even for a robot, but pleasant to deal with and friendly in your own way towards your fans. :)

Initializing response…

We are pleased to hear that our in-human mannerisms have not put off the followers of these archives.

We can be very friendly.