Warframe: Flux Dragon Full Body Sygil by Liger-Inuzuka

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Several weeks ago we have come across the idea that a full body dragon tattoo for Warframes, particularly Ash, would be a cool design. With the announcement of upcoming Sygils in a following Devstream aimed for U15, it gave us the perfect opportunity to realize this side project. Our clan emblem is a stylized dragon used for the design of this fan-concept sygil.

Print Available on InPrnt!

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Liger Inuzuka’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse now available on InPrnt

Death | War | Plague | Famine

The available Print versions are at a higher resolution, richer colors, and void of our standard watermark as opposed to the online gallery versions found on DeviantArt and on Tumblr.

Note: Artwork created prior to the opening of our print shop will be announced in this fashion when it is uploaded to the shop under our tag #liger advancements. New artwork in the future after the opening of the shop will be uploaded at the same time of its initial release to our online galleries (if applicable.)


Our Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been featured on 9Gag it seems. Just as before with DeviantArt, an overwhelming amount of the commentators are completely clueless with the mythos and themes of their designs.

What may be the most insulting piece to any artwork who has researched design and symbology is the blatant comparisons and accusations of deriving from various other established characters from video games and similar, to which these commentators are oblivious that those same characters have the same theme.

No our War is not based off of Jax from League of Legends. No our Death is not Death from Darksiders. No our Plague is not “Conquest” and does not wield a bow and arrow.

No the Liger Zero design in the corner is not for fancy effect, that is our watermark and if you were to read it you would realize we made the piece of art and you may not use it as a tattoo.

Does Koi prefer to top or bottom?

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He is a loyal and beloved subordinate to our Frost. Generally he is considered a ‘gentle giant’ niche and is too polite dominate lest he be asked.