Initializing invitation…

Feel free to send us photographs of the real live prints of the products ordered from our InPrnt gallery. We would love to see the products in actuality!


It has come to our attention that there might be interested users of the archives that may want to borrow our creations in the form of fanart. We wish to say that you need not ask for permission for gift art purposes, fell free in fact we would be honored if you do so.


This evening at the end of the Tenon live stream Rebecca gathered the team to sign our “The Main Frame” art print, and then to recieve their gift copy of the print, as we brought 2 just for that purpose. This photo we took of the team holding their copy of the print, which the poster is almost longer than Rebecca is tall. (Heh) It is with overflowing pride and joy that we received their sincere compliments and amazement to our work, they absolutely loved it to say it modestly. With hurry Miss Rebecca packed up the poster to take it back to the DE offices, with promise to hang it up.
They told us, in the following paraphrasing, that our work not only is one of the best in skill they have received, but that our work with Zephyr and the Riot Moa is a beacon of community artwork and perfect understanding of the Warframe art style. Despite all the online hate we received from the forum community about the Riot Moa, it was surprising and sincerely reassuring to hear from them that it is a flawless Corpus design. We could not believe it ourselves.
We can only wish that every artist will experience the level of pride and happiness that we felt some time in their own lives.
Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long at the after party, but after giving our formal goodbyes to each member of the team, we took a goody bag and left smiling all the way home almost on the verge of tears.
Disclaimer: Robots don’t actually cry or smile.



My computer is honestly on it’s very last leg and i’m not sure how much longer it’ll be kicking, so i’d like to start saving up for an affordable replacement. Commissions also help me pay for medications, groceries, and bills!

Prices per character, please contact me at

As always reblogs are greatly appreciated, thank you!!

Reminder that i’m taking commissions right now and i am very much in need of money. Please consider reblogging even if you can’t commission me, thank you!!

Localization of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Sign the Petition


Fans of Digimon in the Western world know of the struggle to enjoy the many Digimon video games that are now a days rarely localized and translated outside of Japan.

This letter written and signed by fans alike on will be send to BANDAI Namco in hopes of making this a reality, but the petition needs approx. 1,500 more signatures!

If you are a fan of Digimon please consider virtually signing the letter, no account is required.

If each of my followers sign the petition it will have more than enough to be completed!

Let’s hope we will see Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth localized for the PS Vita.

The Liger is going to Gamescom


Initializing notice….

We are traveling to Cologne, Germany for the Gamescom next week.

We shall have reduced activity between the 11th and 19th of this month. However as time the situation allows we will also be live-blogging from the site with hopefully new equipment under the tag #ligeratgamescom on our personal blog.

The archives wishes you a pleasant time.